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Explore spirits of sound by flying as a bird through the mystical floating islands of Otokai. · By Team Tori


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We Have Lift Off! Tori is Complete!
We have lift off! Tori is finally in the air! You can now play the full Tori experience, which we hope is a happy one :) Thank you everyone for supporting us al...
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Beta update is here!
Big news today everyone, Tori is getting an update! Along with the Beta version comes bug fixes, new features and a brand new island to boot. We also have a bra...
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Tori (Alpha) is now live on Itch! You can play it now for free! :D
Psst, a little birdie told me that you can now download and play Tori (Alpha) for free on Itch! To play, visit our itch page:
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