Tori (Alpha) is now live on Itch! You can play it now for free! :D

Psst, a little birdie told me that you can now download and play Tori (Alpha) for free on Itch!

To play, visit our itch page:

This game is still in development. It is currently lacking content, it contains bugs and it is very much prone to change. Sorry :)

If you do choose to play, we would love as much feedback from you as you are willing to offer. If you want to leave feedback, just start a topic in our community section. Feel free to be as critical and constructive as possible. There is no such thing as bad feedback, it will all help us improve! :D

Thank you so much for supporting us up to this point. Keep being amazing while we continue to develop Tori, adding content (like entirely new islands) and fixing issues.

Thanks so much!


2-20-18 Build (Alpha).zip 65 MB
Feb 20, 2018
2-20-18 Mac Build (Alpha) 72 MB
Feb 20, 2018

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